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'65 Grill Emblem Now Available!!!

August 8th, 2020  |  NWN  |  Exterior Body

After what seemed like years in the production pipeline, the 1965 Chevy II / Nova center grill emblem is finally available reproduction. A desperately needed item that makes a great compliment to the repop grill that recently came on the market. We have them for sale here. 

The emblem came out better than expected, there were indications early on it might be plastic or a similar material. These are stamped aluminum as original, with the embossed bowtie, ribbing and other design elements (treatments) on the face. The stamping detail and paint work is not exact, but close enough. I would not hesitate putting one of these on my own car over a good used one, especially if running a new or restored grill.

We test fit one on an original '65 grill (see pic) and it fit without issue. The clips needed to be fiddled with to get tight in their channel, but that is a minor issue. Overall it is better than 99% of the used ones you are going to find, if you can even find one.

Maybe next we will get the '64 grill emblem...

1965 Chevy Nova Grill Emblem Installed
1965 Chevy Nova Grill Emblem
1965 Chevy Nova Grill Emblem Rear

1965 Chevy Nova Grill Emblem Front Left
1965 Chevy Nova Grill Emblem Front Center
1965 Chevy Nova Grill Emblem Front Right