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An online reference library of the original GM part numbers for key Chevy II / Nova parts & accessories.  This will be an ever evolving project, added to as we research parts for customers, come across new credible references or encounter something on a Nova we have never seen before.

⇨ WHY?

The goal of this reference is to shed light on the multitude of changes GM made to the same part over the classic Nova's two decades of production.  To help you sort through the endless misidentified parts on eBay, Craigslist and from aftermarket retailers (yes they are wrong, and often).  Dispelling the common Nova myth, "they're all the same", still heard much too often in our hobby.

Dispelling the common Nova myth, "they're all the same".

It is hoped this will not only aid in finding the right parts for your vehicle, but also give you a better understanding and appreciation of the Chevy II.

Organized in an increasingly granular hierarchy, starting with major vehicle sections, then subsections, major components and branching out from there. Parts like a transmission had both an "assembly" or "unit" number, as well as part numbers for all the individual parts that comprise the assembly.  This can get messy in the GM books, and in some instances, certain individual part numbers are hard to find (i.e. radios).  Parts will be categorized by whatever makes the most sense.

If a section is blank or a link inactive, it is due to that area not being built out yet.

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