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These are technical resources, products, tools and vendors to help in the maintenance and restoration of your Chevy II.  We personally use these resources or they have come recommended to us from trusted sources.  Unless noted otherwise, the technical references and guides have been composed by Northwest Nova and may not be reproduced without express written consent.

Steve's Nova Site – Community Chevy II Forum  

National Nostalgic Nova – Main Chevy II Car Club  

Pilkington Classics Automotive Glass  

Moog Coil Spring Specs Chart  

Control Cables – Custom Push-Pull Cables  

Headliners & Windlace – Inexpensive USA Made  

1967 - 69 Seat Belt Reference – For Camaros, Useful for Novas  

Muncie Transmission Reference – Great Source of Information  

Hood Hinge Rebuilding – They can do the unique and failure prone 1962 Chevy II hinges.   

1962 Factory Service Manual (this is the big comprehensive one; useful for 1962-67 Chevy IIs)

Fisher Body Service Manuals (have to use the 1965 for early cars)

Factory Assembly Manuals

Chevy II Nova & SS Gold Portfolio

Chevy By The Numbers