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We stand behind the parts we sell to fit and function as advertised.  If you have an issue with a part please contact us before modifying, damaging or otherwise discarding it.  We will not consider refunds or exchanges on parts that have been thrown away or discarded in any manner.  Warranty is void and the part non-returnable if it has been modified, painted, plated or disassembled in any way. 

Northwest Nova is not responsible or liable for any fees or labor charges incurred with the installation, removal, modification, painting, or repair of any product purchased regardless of the circumstances.

Northwest Nova is not responsible if you order the wrong part for your vehicle!  It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner (BUYER) to make sure the part they are purchasing properly fits their application.  We expend considerable time and effort vetting parts to make sure they are properly advertised (especially used parts).  If you are ever in doubt, PLEASE ASK BEFORE PURCHASE. We are Chevy II enthusiasts and here to help.

We are human and mistakes get made or the inevitable defect filters through.  We request your patience and civility with a warranty claim — no one wants to get yelled at or treated disrespectfully.  Understand that we must perform our due diligence to protect against scammers.

All special order products must be pre-paid in full and are non-returnable.

If you receive a part that appears to have been damaged in shipping, time is of the essence. Please immediately do the following:

  1. Notify the the delivery agent of the damaged package if they are still present or if you are at a mail box service provider;
  2. Contact us to start the claim process;
  3. Take numerous photos of the damaged item(s) and packaging (this is critical);
  4. Take written notes of pertinent information – package wet, package left upside down, package obviously run over by car;
  5. DO NOT throw ANYTHING away, including the packaging;
  6. Email us the pictures and notes

Most new reproduction parts come with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects, i.e. fit and functionality.  If you have an issue with a new part please contact us ASAP.

⇨ Returns must be approved prior to sending the item back. Instructions for returning the item will be given at time of approval.

⇨ The part or assembly - all pieces, hardware, instructions, etc. - must be returned to receive a refund or exchange, no exceptions!  If the part in question is a piece to a larger kit, the entire kit must be returned unless we indicate otherwise.

⇨ We will either exchange the part for a comparable replacement or refund the purchase price at our discretion.

⇨ Credits or exchanges are not issued until the alleged defective item has been successfully returned, inspected and determined to be faulty.  If part is deemed NOT to be defective it will be returned at the buyer's expense.

All used or NOS (New Old Stock) parts are sold AS-IS with no warranty given whatsoever.  Returns are not accepted for used or NOS parts.  Used and old stock auto parts are purchased at your own risk.

We do not accept returns on electrical parts — wiring, switches, relays, sensors, breakers, modules, condensors, CPUs, PCMs, etc.  This is a long-standing auto parts industry convention.