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May 2nd, 2020  |  NWN  |  Mechanical

Here we take a look at a common upgrade on the 1962 - 63 Chevy IIs.  Anyone who has owned a four-lug car knows how much of a pain the brakes and tires can be when it comes time for replacement.  Expensive parts and limited options quickly drive many owners to seek out upgrades or alternatives to the anemic four-lug design. The 1964 and later stock Nova five-lug wheel hub and brake design (system) is one such solution. It is relatively inexpensive, parts are readily available and a job most home mechanics can tackle in their driveway—not requiring welding, fabricating nor exotic tools. 

 1962 – 63 Five-Lug Wheel & Brake Conversion

March 9th, 2020  |  NWN  |  Mechanical

We have added a section on wiper switch assemblies¬†and related hardware to the Nova numbers resource.  There was far more variation with these switches over the years, especially in early cars, than hobbyists realize.  Used and NOS switches are often mis-advertised at swap meets and on resources like eBay.  This resource will help sort through¬†the "noise" if you are in the market for a replacement.  Thankfully most switches and knobs interchange with other period Chevy's, so parts are plentiful.  And a final note—if your switch is not functioning, try taking it apart and cleaning the internal connections.  That often solves the issue giving you many more years of service.

 Windshield Wiper Switch Reference & Identification Guide

January 19th, 2020  |  NWN  |  Transmission

Recently ran into this one. Gentleman got his new motor and trans in the car and while buttoning things up noticed the clutch fork appeared to have insufficient travel.  Basically, it did not have far to go before hitting the bellhousing. It appeared there would not be sufficient travel to properly engage the clutch bearing.  The correct Chevy II bellhousing, clutch fork and throw-out bearing were confirmed to be present. Everything looked to be the correct parts installed properly. So what gives??? READ MORE 

January 10th, 2020  |  NWN  |  Engine

Our latest addition to the Nova numbers resource is a listing of the engine suffix codes unique to the Chevy II.  This reference was compiled solely from original period GM materials. It will assist in identifying engine blocks that started life in a Nova.

The Nova used quite a few unique codes not shared with other Chevy passenger cars.  This was specifically with the early V8s and their special blocks, but can also be found with the inline motors.  Crucial information for a "numbers matching" survivor or restoration.

We are covering all Nova-born engines 1962 through 1979, from the 153 L4 to the 396 big block.  Not just the V8 engine's like often found in online resources. We are just about complete through 1969, which was the two digit suffix period. From 1970 and on GM used a three digit code.

 Chevy II Engine Suffix Code Reference

December 23th, 2019  |  NWN  |  Suspension

Another initiative we are working on is documenting parts numbers for quality replacement parts that can still be purchased from your local parts store (link below).  This will also help in identifying NORS and OEM style replacement parts that were produced in the 1960s and '70s. A lot of that stuff is still floating around eBay and swap meets. Many items like brake and suspension parts are still good if they have been properly stored.

This first round of data covers Moog part numbers for 1962 - 67 suspension parts.  We only use Moog / TRW or comparable old stock parts when performing suspension workno exceptions. The replacement parts often see in full-page ads in car magazines, or sold by major suppliers, are often overseas junk. We have had premanture failures of these parts on our own cars.  Our professional shop customers will not order these parts. Spend the money and purchase quality suspension components.

The Moog / TRW numbers have not really changed over the years, so this reference should apply to most items you come across.

 1st & 2nd Gen Front Suspension Part Numbers

December 16th, 2019  |  NWN  |  Engine

This one was prompted by helping someone who was new to the Chevy II plan for a V8 conversion on their 1963 Sport Coupe.  They had no parts and little knowledge for the project, basically starting from square one.  While writing up a parts estimate, it dawned on me, "Hey, this would be a great resource to post on the website".  The goal is to help in understanding and properly planning for a small block V8 conversion in a 1st or 2nd gen,  as well as hopefully preventing future hack conversions (one can dream...).

 1st & 2nd Gen V8 Conversion Reference

December 9th, 2019  |  NWN  |  Suspension

The first entry in our initiative to document the GM specified torque values for major components of the Chevy II has been posted (link below).  This data covers the 1962 - 67 front suspension assembly torque specifications.  Aftermarket repair manuals and guides can be suspect or confusing when listing out numbers such as this.  Not good for critical items like suspension and driveline.  Some references will simply aggregate everything into "general values" covering a blanket period of models – not helpful.  If you are investing the time and effort, do it with the correct GM numbers.

What we are posting are Chevy II / Nova specifications directly out of period General Motors literature and references.  This data is not out of 3rd party manuals or random websites.  Our goal is to get the Chevy II owner the proper and correct repair information for their vehicle.  We will continue to post useful specs as we can.

 1st & 2nd Gen Front Suspension Torque Specs

November 24th, 2020  |  NWN  |  General

This will be a semi-regular brain dump regarding the Chevy II, working off no set release schedule. Basically new posts will occur as time permits.  The posts here will be comprised of dispelling common Nova myths, weird things we come across and information we feel could be of valuable to our customers, or the hobby in general.  This is an attempt to get on "paper" all the Nova knowledge swimming around our brains.  To distill the combined decades of knowledge gained from restoring, servicing and parting out these cars.  A heavy emphasis will be put on data gathered from original GM parts and literature.

At this point public comments will not be an option here. I think we are all exhausted of the spam, bickering and general nonsense that permeates online discussions.  It only serves to detract from the information, the whole point of this resource.

If there is a topic you would like us to cover or have questions, feel free to drop us a note (contact).  We cannot guarantee all inquiries will be answered or topics covered, but we will do our best.  We will not assist you in diagnosing mechanical problems or restoring your car.

Our hope is this site and the information it contains proves useful in the restoration, maintenance and most of all enjoyment of your Chevy II. Welcome!